RSPB Geltsdale

Elements, 2018, update

The Elements labels shifted form and I decided to make the Air cards into ‘Sky Labels’.

376 hand-set letterpress printed on handmade labels.


The instructions are as follows:

Take a sky label.

Take it home.

Pin it to the sky.


I also used the letterpress to print 36 words of the elements of ‘Growth’, ‘Soil’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Water’ onto hand-made paper. I framed 24 of each as part of the exhibition. They were pinned to the backing board using lills pins, used by entymologists, botanists and bead artists to secure objects. Fitting.

geltsdale 2018 elements soil and growth

Printing Nature, RSPB Geltsdale, 28 November – 31 January 2019