Fictional moths

These are the 6 final imaginary moths.

They are based on illegal/illicit night-time activities.

~4 layers, edition of 10 + 6 for the book=~350 pulls of the handle of the big press.

Each moth is roughly 50 x 75mm, printed on Chinese Xuan paper, using a mixture of oil-based inks and water-based inks. Cutsword is a multi-block reduction print using two blocks.

It became a dance where movements became economical, practised and precisely calculated to move objects, paper and ink.

The fictional moths will be bound, along with the Solway moths into a book with letterpress, edition of 6, binding yet to be decided.

Moths of the Solway Firth, part 1, 2020

A series of moths of the Solway, created from discussions with Dr Liz Still, entomologist who works at Watchtree. Reduction linocut, printed on Chinese Xuan paper. Paper size 20 x 15 cm.

Elephant Hawk-Moth
Eyed Hawk-Moth
Garden Tiger
Manchester Treble-bar
Merveille du Jour

I’ve also printed these onto slightly thicker paper, as part of a bigger project.