artistic licence

Artistic Licences, 2018, ongoing

geltsdale 2018 - 18c

As part of the RSPB Geltsdale Exhibition, I used letterpress to print 76 Artistic Licences for people to take away for free.

This project is ongoing as this has been, and will be, incarnated in several versions:

v 1.0, May 2018, draft version with different bullet points, not editioned

v 2.0, June 2018, version for Art Teachers with bullet points left blank so that teachers and students can customise their own licences. At a workshop at the Morland Studio,  Art Teachers printed as many  licences as they wished.

v. 3.0 October 2018, version for RSPB Geltsdale with different bullet points, 76 licences with chits to complete and be retained by Vega.

v. 3.1 February 2018, further licences to be printed as required for Carlisle Library exhibition.

Further versions are planned involving the use of profanities and mail art.


Creative Commons:
Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way, 1992